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Good morning topix alternative, not sure how this works or if it’ll even be seen, but I have things that confused me far beyond what they should. Here’s a place to talk, vent, ask, and answer.

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So here’s something that really bothers me, I don’t know how it makes sense, can anyone explain it??? (Warning: this is a little long)
A friend robs your house, then many other homes or people he considers his friends. He gets mad when he loses all of his friends. He gets arrested. Gets released and cleans up his act - no more stealing, no more drugs. Couple months go by and he’s back to drugs and drinking. Everywhere he stays he gets kicked out, example: his mom lets him move in with her and homeowner, she leaves and he moves in a girl, then the homeowner gets mad when he stops paying rent and kicks him out. Now he’s homeless. Remember how he stole from you first? You agree to help him and introduce him to a friend who’s selling a car. They work out a deal and become decent friends and then the thief starts staying with car salesman. Car salesman has young kids and is divorced. Lots of drama in his life already but it all works out fine for a few weeks. Now car salesman finds out that thief is doing drugs around his kids and bringing them with him to go buy more drugs. Kids run rampant. You try to teach them right from wrong. (This is where things get confusing. ) Somehow you get called down and told that you need to stay away because your abusive to the kids and that you’re a bad influence because the thief says so. Thief is mad that someone took his “last $10” that he was trying to buy weed with and ran off. Somehow this is your fault and you get yelled at, big guy related to car salesman gets in your face yelling about you’re a terrible person. All based on the word of the thief who says he’ll call the cops because his dealer stole his money (which is somehow your fault) and calls your girlfriend a cheating whore because why not.
Now you’re the bad guy and you go home trying to figure out why people burn bridges with those who try to help them.
So why is it that when you go out of your way to help someone try and better themselves when they ask you to, that you get burnt and thrown to the curb as soon as they get mad about something that isn’t even your fault???

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Do I understand right: you are the car salesman?

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No, I’m the first guy who introduced the thief to the car salesman, who I have known for a long time.

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